Logotyp 2019 26 november – 1 december
Kulturhuset Väven

Doc Lounge <3 UEFF: Maribor Uprisings

Interactive documentary screening
(Milo Guillen & Maple Razsa, Slovenia/USA, 2017)
Language: Slovenian, English Subtitles: English
Original title ”The Maribor Uprisings”
The screening is led (in Swedish) by Joakim Andrén


Doc Lounge Umeå in collaboration with Umeå European Film Festival proudly presents the interactive documentary Maribor Uprisings!

In the once prosperous industrial city of Maribor, Slovenia, anger over political corruption became unruly revolt. In this film the audience is put in the shoes of the protesters. They demand an end of the corruption. What is driving people to the streets? And when, how and why does the peaceful protests become violent riots? In this interactive documentary the audience decide the road to change.

Policija na protestih