Logotyp 2018 27 november – 2 december
Kulturhuset Väven

Jonas Svennem Interprets Terje Vigen

Silent film concert to the film Terje Vigen
(Victor Sjöström, Sweden, 1917, 1 h)
Language: Swedish with english subtitles
Music by Jonas Svennem, Emma Augustsson and Thomas Backman
Award ceremony with the announcement of the 2017 winner of Storspoven


Desperation and revenge but also the ability to love and forgiveness are themes found in the story of Terje Vigen. In the filmatisation we see Sjöström go from a loving family father to a vengeful man, broken down during the distressing years that followed the Napoleonic Wars. With a (what is described as) ground-breaking naturalistic style, Sjöström acts among magnificent sceneries, where rocky cliffs and stormy seas play their own roles, as nature often does in his films. This classic film, based on Henrik Ibsen’s epic, is often mentioned as the start of what eventually became known as the golden age of Swedish film. The medium went from being seen as simple entertainment, to being regarded as an art form. Even though classic works were made both before and after the years 1917-1924, many important films were made during these years, which internationally established Sweden’s (first) golden age.

Jonas Svennem from Umeå, songwriter from the celebrated band Winhill/Losehill, meets the grand imagery and feelings in Terje Vigen and creates powerful music together with the musicians Emma Augustsson and Thomas Backman. Svennem has lately created music for theatre and is currently working on a new album with his band. Take the chance to experience a unique collaboration between the golden age of Swedish cinema and orchestral pop from Västerbotten!

– Clara Gustavsson