Logotyp 2018 27 november – 2 december
Kulturhuset Väven

Iaspis: Art as film

Short films by Yafei Qi and Reynold Reynolds
Followed by discussion moderated by Anders Jansson, Skellefteå museum

The artists Yafei Qi and Reynold Reynolds present their work and talk about art and film together with Anders Jansson from Skellefteå museum. Every year Iaspis invite two international artists to work in Umeå, and this year they are Qi and Reynolds. Despite the fact that the two artists come from different continents, belong to different generations and are in different stages of their career, they have several common features as filmmakers. In their movies there is an absurd feeling that people cannot really understand each other or the environment in which they are located.


Films included in the program (36 min): Reynold Reynolds: Seven Days ‘Til Sunday (1998, 7 min), Burn (2002, 10 min) samt Secret Life (2008, 10 min). Yafei Qi: Wearing the Fog (2016, 14 min) samt Life Tells Lies (2017, 12 min)






Sat 25
Iaspis short films

Short films by guests Yafei Qi and Reynold Reynolds. Followed by discussion, moderated by Anders Jansson