Logotyp 2018 27 november – 2 december
Kulturhuset Väven

Making Communities: Life After the Revolution

A collection of events curated by Konstfrämjandet
Västerbotten and Lesbisk makt
Language: Swedish, English

How and what can we tell about queer and feminist identities, conditions and lives today? Through collective working processes do the invited films negotiate about queer and feminist rooms and their history, in close dialogue with historical inspirers as well as contemporary co-creators. With conscious aesthetic methods are they investigating how form and configuration in itself can speak about politics and an intersectional feminist agenda. The program is curated by Konstfrämjandet Västerbotten and Lesbisk Makt.


Events included:

– Femø Women’s Camp, looped films by Kajsa Dahlberg. 25:e 12:00–18:00, Konstfrämjandet Västerbotten.
– Dinner with Lesbisk frukost. 25:e 18:00–21:00, Konstfrämjandet Västerbotten.
– Screening of Sisters! and It Takes a Million Years to be a Woman. 26:e 14:00, Tagning.
– Panel discussion with Evelina Liliequist, Lesbisk Odyssé and Anna Linder. 26:e 16:00, Fika!.