Logotyp 2018 27 november – 2 december
Kulturhuset Väven

Sound of Music Sing-along

Sing–along to The Sound of Music
(Robert Wise, USA, 1965, 2 h 54 min)
Screened with a break of 20 min
The singing is led by musical artist Lena Granath
Language: English Subtitles: English

Every year Umeå European Film Festival invites the audience to an outstanding evening when we sing along to a classic musical. This year we will be singing with Maria, the captain and all the von Trapp children in The Sound of Music! To really get in the mood and get the singing going, musical artist Lena Granath will join us and take the lead. Lena Granath works as a musical artist and vocalist. She has made around 440 performances of The Sound of Music together with Carola and Tommy Körberg.

The film takes us to Austria of the 30s just before the war. Maria is a young woman who has been tempted to become nun. But at the same time she is very fond of music and dance. The abbess sends her away to be nanny to the seven children of von Trapp, an authoritarian captain and widower. The meeting with the “new family” is not what Maria expected, but over time the mood softens a bit. Maria is not a person who easily lets herself down. On the surface, The Sound of Music is a charming and perky film, but it also has a more serious message, not least is it clearly anti-Nazi. The film was awarded five Oscars in 1966, of which the award for best original music perhaps was the most deserved. The Sound of Music with its plentiful timeless and popular songs is truly a classic.