Logotyp 2020 24 – 29 november
Kulturhuset Väven

Devil’s Bride

Arunas Zebriunas | 1 tim 18 min | Lithuania
Original title: Velnio nuotaka
Director: Arunas Zebriunas
Year: 1974
Duration: 1 tim 18 min
Country: Lithuania
Language: Lithuanian / Russian
Subtitles: English

The tiny Devil Pinciukas is banished from hell and ends up by a mill. There he enters a pact with the mill owner Baltaragis. In exchange with the mill owner’s soul and marriage with his daughter, Pinciukas has to work at the mill. It’s a pact that comes at a high cost as we soon face a confrontation between love and the Devil’s evil trickery. When Devil’s Bride was made in 1974 it was the first Lithuanian musical ever. It immediately became popular and can be described as
a camp version of Jesus Christ Superstar. The film is brightly colored, funny and kitschy and one has to pay attention from the very beginning of the film. With all due respect to West Side Story, but if you have to pick only one musical this festival, it should be this one.
– Karin Johansson