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My Mother’s Secret

Ellen-Astri Lundby | 52 min | Norway / Sápmi
Original title: Min mors hemmelighet
Director: Ellen-Astri Lundby
Year: 2009
Duration: 52 min
Country: Norway / Sápmi
Language: Norwegian
Subtitles: English

What happens when you discover that you are a Sami, in adulthood? Director Ellen-Astri Lundby from Lambertseter in Oslo never heard anything about her Sami family when she was growing up. What she knew was that her mother came from northern Norway and moved south after the war. My mother’s secret is an incredible journey in time and history. It is a film about the discovery of an identity, about the harsh state of Norwegian politics, about shame and disgust. At the same time it opens up for reconciliation between the past and the present and between mother and daughter. “My mother’s secret” won the Sami Film Prize in 2009 and has been shown both Norway and abroad and has received several awards.