Logotyp 2019 26 november – 1 december
Kulturhuset Väven

Nico, 1988

Susanna Nicchiarelli | 1 h 33 min | Belgium / Italy
Original title: Nico, 1988
Director: Susanna Nicchiarelli
Year: 2017
Duration: 1 h 33 min
Country: Belgium / Italy
Language: English
Subtitles: English

In Susanna Nicchiarelli’s film about the legendary German singer Christa Päffgen it soon becomes clear that she’s not fond of being called Nico. Or for that matter being mentioned as Lou Reed’s ’femme fatale’ from the years with Velvet Underground. The film depicts the last year in her career where we follow her struggle with heavy addiction, illegal gigs behind the Iron Curtain and her hopes of reconciliation with her son. Danish actress Trine Dyrholm is brilliant in the lead role in this unsentimental biopic about a grand artist. And, of course, the soundtrack is supreme.

– Daniel Tollefsen Altamirano