Logotyp 2020 24 – 29 november
Kulturhuset Väven


Andrei Tarkovskij | 2 tim 29 min | France / UK / Sweden
Original title: Offret
Director: Andrei Tarkovskij
Year: 1986
Duration: 2 tim 29 min
Country: France / UK / Sweden
Language: English / French / Swedish
Subtitles: English

Loved ones gather to celebrate the wealthy, intellectual Alexander on Gotland. On the night of his birthday, a war erupts in Europe. Overcome with despair, Alexander turns to God and asks for the war to end. He is ready to sacrifice everything. Andrei Tarkovsky’s last film, the only one produced in Sweden, is heavily inspired by Bergman without losing any of the Soviet master’s poetic imagery. The Sacrifice is a staggeringly beautiful experience and one of Swedish film history’s most remarkable works of art.
– Filip Bergström

Erland Josephson