Logotyp 2018 27 november – 2 december
Kulturhuset Väven


Christian Tafdrup | 1 h 26 min | Denmark
Original title: Forældre
Director: Christian Tafdrup
Year: 2016
Duration: 1 h 26 min
Country: Denmark
Language: Danish
Subtitles: English

When their son moves away from home, life becomes different and empty for Vibeke and Kjeld. They feel insecure and find it hard to find meaning in their lives. They remember the time when they were young, newly in love and happy. In an attempt to have back that time, they move into the student apartment where they lived in their youth. Recreating these old times changes them in strange and unexpected ways. And one morning they wake up and find themselves 30 years younger. This film is amusing and a bit crazy. In a nice and unexpected way it makes us reflect about who we are and who we become over time.

– Karin Johansson