Logotyp 2018 27 november – 2 december
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The Prince of Nothingwood

Sonia Kronlund | 1 h 25 min | France / Germany
Original title: Nothingwood
Director: Sonia Kronlund
Year: 2017
Duration: 1 h 25 min
Country: France / Germany
Language: Dari / French
Subtitles: English

Salim Shaheen is an Afghan director with over 110 films on his curriculum. He is basically alone in representing Afghan film industry, which he calls Nothingwood. During 30 years he has created Z-movies in a country that has constantly been in conflict. When French radio reporter Sonia Kronlund starts filming him he is shooting five films at the same time. We take part in these almost surreal film productions in conflict areas under fire in Afghanistan as we get to know Shaheen and his team of eccentric filmmakers. This is also an unusual study of a patriarchal society, where Kronlund capably exposes the suppression of women. The Prince of Nothingwood is a brilliant and rich documentary about an unforgettable character. A film director who with his infinite love of the craft creates cinematic life out of nothing.

– Daniel Tollefsen Altamirano