Logotyp 2019 26 november – 1 december
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Twin Flower

Laura Luchetti | 1 h 36 min | Italy
Original title: Fiore gemello
Director: Laura Luchetti
Year: 2018
Duration: 1 h 36 min
Country: Italy
Language: French / Italian
Subtitles: English

Twin Flower centers around two teenagers sharing a similar destiny. Both are on the run. Anna is escaping from a traumatic event, and Basim is an orphan and refugee hiding from traffickers hoping to find a new start in northern Europe. With Sardinia’s breathtakingly beautiful landscape as the setting, their ways are crossed and soon they decide to journey together. Can they avoid all the dangers and help each other reach a brighter future? The director Laura Luchetti has made a thrilling and sensitive film that portrays its young protagonists and their encounter with great affection.

– Daniel Tollefsen Altamirano