Logotyp 2020 24 – 29 november
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Elsa la rose

Agnès Varda | 20 min | Frankrike
Originaltitel: Elsa la rose
Regissör: Agnès Varda
År: 1965
Längd: 20 min
Land: Frankrike
Språk: Franska
Text: Engelska

Poeten Louis Aragon berättelse om kärleken till sin fru, författaren Elsa Triolet.






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Agnès Varda short film program
Agnès Varda
Fri entré

Total längd: 1 tim 4 min 
Språk: Franska
Textning: Engelska

In collaboration with Bildmuseet and the French Institute, UEFF presents a program of short films made by Agnès Varda. Varda passed away in the spring of 2019, and through this film screening we want to honor her memory and great artistry.

Agnès Varda was a legend in French film and an internationally recognized filmmaker and artist. Varda made both feature films and documentaries and was also active as a photographer and visual artist. She used to say that she had three careers, three lives. Varda moved freely between tenderness and humor, between low and high. In 1958 she met the director Jacques Demy who became her husband and partner until he passed away in AIDS in 1990. In 2017, Varda became the first female director to be awarded an Honorary Oscar for her efforts within film. In 2013, Bildmuseet showed the exhibition Agnès Varda, where visitors could see pictures, films and installations by Varda.

In what was to be her last film, Varda by Agnès, she talks about her life, her films and her creativitiy. She talks about lounging around, and that if you do, you go into time, and then nothing is trite. With this film screening, let us linger, go into time and experience a filmmaking that has been anything but trite.
– Florence Sisask