Västerbotten has always been known as a cultural gathering place in the north. With a strong storytelling tradition from Sara Lidman, Torgny Lindgren, the film’s position and development has now grown strongly. Together with Film i Västerbotten, UEFF arranges several exciting program items for film workers. On the Friday during the film festival, we run the industry day, a full day at Vävenscenen which is aimed at those who work with film, study film or are interested in filmmaking. You can take part in conversations and lectures about film, meet old and new friends and listen to our eminent guests. The day always ends with a festive mingling.

During the festival, Work in progress I also organizes our venue Mingla on level 4 in the cultural center Väven. All our industry program points are free to participate in, registration is required through Film i Västerbotten. You can apply for accreditation to UEFF and, through your passport, be able to take part in UEFF’s solid film program. Accreditation opens in September 2023 and the program for the industry day will come in the autumn.