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Suburban Songs

Mia Engberg | 58 min | Sweden
Original title: 165 Hässelby
Director: Mia Engberg
Year: 2005
Duration: 58 min
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish

165 Hässelby is a film about young people who live in the high-rise buildings around Hässelby Gård, a suburb in Stockholm that was built in the 50s during Tage Erlander’s time as prime minister. Back then, there were grandiose visions of the future of the suburbs, where families with children would have a better life with large, bright apartments and closeness to nature. An idea that today feels far away.

Ayesha, Julio and Frazze. They have their roots in different countries and they live in the high-rise buildings around Hässelby Gård, far from the alarmed villas and the dream of an integrated society. It’s about wanting to change the world – painting graffiti even if you could end up in prison, about dealing with Swedish authorities when you don’t know Swedish very well. But 165 Hässelby is above all a tribute to Stockholm’s suburbs and the people who live there.

165 Hässelby - Mia Engberg