Logotyp 2022 29 nov – 4 dec
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Aja baja, Alfons Åberg

Tomas Alfredson | 36 min | Sweden
Original title: Aja baja, Alfons Åberg
Director: Tomas Alfredson
Year: 2022
Duration: 36 min
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish
Subtitles: None

Three of Gunilla Bergström’s beloved books about Alfons Åberg have been filmed again in three fine book films for the youngest moviegoers by Tomas Alfredson with Jonas Karlsson as narrator.

Hurry up, Alfons Åberg
“Alphonsus! Come on, it’s very late.” We have to go to kindergarten, dad calls from the kitchen. Yes, I’m coming” says Alfons, “I’m just going to…”

Come on, Alfons Åberg
May I have the toolbox?” asks Alfons. “Mmm” says dad, “but watch out for the saw”.

What did father Åberg say?
Rush days are fun, Alfons thinks – because then a lot has to be done. On days like that, dad forgets to nag. On days like that, anything can happen!