Images of you

Louise Hollerup | 15 min | Denmark / Sweden
Original title:
Director: Louise Hollerup
Year: 2023
Duration: 15 min
Country: Denmark / Sweden
Language: Danish / English / Grönländska / Swedish
Subtitles: English

This screening is a collaboration with Bildmuseet. After the film, director Louise Hollerup talks with museum curator Anders Jansson, curator of the ongoing exhibition Down to the North / Contemporary Art in the Arctic.

Can you talk to your grandmother about colonialism? How do you preserve the image of the one you love when society changes? Through her grandmother’s slides, Louise Hollerup tries to understand Denmark’s colonization of Greenland. The grandparents moved to Nuuk in the 60s with the dream of adventure and good salaries as a teacher. The pictures show the children and beautiful nature. But Louise sees a different story outside the confines of the family archive.

Images of you premiered at the Gothenburg Film Festival and has been shown at, among others, the Tempo Documentary Festival and the Nuuk International Film Festival.

Bilder av digBilder av dig