Bread and Salt

Damian Kocur | 1 h 40 min | Poland
Original title: Chleb i sól
Director: Damian Kocur
Year: 2022
Duration: 1 h 40 min
Country: Poland
Language: Polish
Subtitles: English

When Tymek, who studies at the Warsaw Academy of Music, returns to his hometown during the summer,  he becomes embroiled in a conflict between local youth and immigrants. At first he spends time with his brother and a bunch of day laborers, which doesn’t inspire Tymek very much. It’s mostly idle talk, smoking and beer drinking. He do have a girlfriend, but it’s his piano playing that matters. And he can play on a simple piano at his parents’. In addition to this, the daily visit to a local kebab bar is part of summer life. The bar is run by immigrants and eventually conflicts arise between them and the day laborers.

The director Damian Kocur has succeeded in making a film that initially looks simple, almost documentary, but which over time depicts how everyday life can turn into a situation where those involved completely lose control. Bread and Salt received a Special Jury Prize at the 2022 Venice Film Festival.

– Stig Eriksson

Chleb i sól 1
Chleb i sól 3
Chleb i sól 2