Logotyp 2021 24 – 28 november
Kulturhuset Väven

Games People Play

Jenni Toivoniemi | 1 h 57 min | Finland
Original title: Seurapeli
Director: Jenni Toivoniemi
Year: 2020
Duration: 1 h 57 min
Country: Finland
Language: English / Finnish / Swedish
Subtitles: English

A group of friends gather on a summer weekend in an idyllic house on an island to surprise Mitzi with a party on her birthday, just like they did 10 years ago. The gang has been friends for a long time, in various constellations and relations. But now much has changed and Mitzi is not at all interested in a surprise party. Age crises and complicated relations take turns in this comedy, which sometimes borders on tragedy. New partners that are presented to the gang are not totally in tune to the old jargon. The alcohol is flowing and they decide to put all phones in a basket, becoming more isolated in their party bubble, where it is both nice, but also not. A humorous and entertaining film with lots of recognition concerning groups of friends and feelings of ageing.
– Anna Brodin