Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Antonio Lukich | 1 h 46 min | Ukraina
Original title: Люксембург, Люксембург
Director: Antonio Lukich
Year: 2022
Duration: 1 h 46 min
Country: Ukraina
Language: German / Ukrainska
Subtitles: English

Twin brothers Kolya and Vasya are told that their absent father is dying and decide to travel to him in Luxembourg. They are a mismatched couple, where the petty criminal bus driver Kolya sees the father who once left the family as a star in his sky. However, the police and the new father Vasya are somewhat more realistic in their expectations.

Luxembourg, Luxembourg is an intense, humorous sibling drama in which Antonio Lukich created a Tarantino feeling with the Ukrainian rap artists Amil and Ramil Nasirov in the lead role. One of the year’s most unexpected highlights in the festival program. Do not miss!

– Mia Rogersdotter Gran

Luxembourg, Luxembourg