Logotyp 2020 25 – 29 november
Kulturhuset Väven

Mr. Jones

Agnieszka Holland | 1 tim 59 min | Poland / UK / Ukraina
Original title: Obywatel Jones
Director: Agnieszka Holland
Year: 2019
Duration: 1 tim 59 min
Country: Poland / UK / Ukraina
Language: English / Russian / Ukrainska / Walesiska
Subtitles: Swedish

After successfully interviewing Adolf Hitler, Gareth Jones is a well-known reporter. He is amazed with the rapid modernization of the Soviet Union and decides to travel there to see how it had become possible. However, the trip takes him illegally into Ukraine. There he witnesses the terrible violence and looting of the Russian soldiers, which is a hidden side of the development he had been so fascinated with. Soon Jones is chased by those who don’t want him to say anything to the outside world. Mr. Jones is an exciting drama thriller that leaves no one untouched. George Orwell is said to have based his novel Animal Farm on Gareth Jones’ terrible revelation. Academy Award-winning Agnieszka Holland directed the film and it competed for the Golden Bear during the Berlin Film Festival earlier this year.
– Karin Johansson