Logotyp 2021 24 – 28 november
Kulturhuset Väven


| 1 h 40 min | France / Italy / Germany
Original title: Notturno
Year: 2020
Duration: 1 h 40 min
Country: France / Italy / Germany
Language: Arabic / Kurdish

Master of documentaries Gianfranco Rose’s latest film continues on the same theme as his previous, the Oscar-nominated and Golden Bear-awarded Fire at Sea. Featuring outstanding images, Notturno depicts a Middle East where the horror overseen by IS is turning into the new normal. As the director himself put it: “The documentary takes over where the photojournalist’s or reporter’s duty ends”. If Rosi previously captured the refugee crisis in true journalistic spirit, just as it broke out and shook us all in 2015, the images and stories in Notturno will be even more striking today when the news coverage has diminished. It is an equally fine-tuned and painful reminder of the wounds that have befallen millions and millions of fellow human beings.
– Filip Bergström