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Ninja Thyberg | 1 h 49 min | Sweden
Original title: Pleasure
Director: Ninja Thyberg
Year: 2020
Duration: 1 h 49 min
Country: Sweden
Language: English / Swedish
Subtitles: Swedish

Ninja Thyberg’s internationally acclaimed feature film debut is an uncompromising and explicit look at the American porn industry. Bella (excellently played by debutant Sofia Kappel) is 19 years old and travels from Sweden across the Atlantic to make her dream of becoming a porn actress in Los Angeles become true. As a small actor in a huge industry, Bella navigates to advance and make a career. It is a high-priced venture in a world of sexual violence, abuse and status, but Bella also finds people who care. Pleasure is a razor-sharp film that challenges the viewer with a deeply uncomfortable insight into an exploitative industry.
– Daniel Tollefsen Altamirano