Roberto De Paolis | 1 h 50 min | Italy
Original title: Princess
Director: Roberto De Paolis
Year: 2022
Duration: 1 h 50 min
Country: Italy
Language: English / Italian / Pidgin
Subtitles: English

The 19-year-old immigrant Princess from Nigeria sells her body in the woods on the outskirts of a large Italian city. She works close to her friends and together they constantly look out for each other. She has her workplace on a mattress between some bushes, while she sometimes slips out onto the roads to get new customers who stop with their cars. One day a new man appears, who invites her home. He doesn’t behave at all like everyone else and she is faced with the challenge of whether she should dare to trust him or not.

The film’s director Roberto De Paolis has worked together with the Nigerian women he met during his research for the film. Collectively, they have developed the script and the women themselves are involved and play the main characters. It is probably the detail that creates the nerve in the film.

– Mia Rogersdotter Gran