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Run Uje Run

Henrik Schyffert | 1 tim 18 min | Sweden
Original title: Spring Uje spring
Director: Henrik Schyffert
Year: 2020
Duration: 1 tim 18 min
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish
Subtitles: Swedish

An autobiographical film, based on Doktor Kosmos-singer Uje Brandelius’ stage performance of the same name. Uje is soon turning 50 and visits a doctor regarding vague symptoms. He is unexpectedly diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. In an attempt to handle the crisis, he decides to try things he has never done before. Uje plays himself, and his family plays themselves, in their own tenancy in the Stockholm suburb of Bredäng. They do it well, making it personal, touching, intimate and a bit therapeutic. But also very funny. Spring Uje spring is a warm comedy that nicely weaves in pop music and everyday hustle in a movie about a life-changing message.
– Anna Brodin

Spring Uje Spring / Run Uje Run Uje Brandelius as Uje Director: Henrik Schyffert Photo. Johan Paulin Produced by Filmlance International AB