Logotyp 2020 25 – 29 november
Kulturhuset Väven

The Art of Working In Paris

Thor Brenne | 11 min | Norway
Original title: The Art of Working In Paris
Director: Thor Brenne
Year: 2018
Duration: 11 min
Country: Norway
Language: Norwegian
Subtitles: English

Louise and Henrik are two aging professional circus acrobats who constantly search for new ways to perform their art form. They look upon their practice as a lifelong project, and they have no idea when or how it will end. But for how long can they keep it up, as they grow older and become parents for the first time?






Fri 29
Films From the North: Between Us
Northern perspectives

Duration: 1 h 4 min 
Language: Norwegian, Swedish, Russian
Subtitles: English

Relationships are not easily translated. Lovers, family and friends are synonymous with emotions, conflict and drama. Do people all over the world love in the same way? Is it possible that when you cross borders, both geographically and emotionally, you discover values that are drastically different from your own? Are there lessons to be learned in reaching out, not knowing what’s on the other side?

These are some of the questions asked in Films from the North: Between Us, a new short film program from the Tromsø International Film Festival (TIFF).