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Vilse i pannkakan

Staffan Westerberg | 2 h 45 min inkl. paus (10 avsnitt á 15 minuter) | Sweden
Original title: Vilse i pannkakan
Director: Staffan Westerberg
Year: 1975
Duration: 2 h 45 min inkl. paus (10 avsnitt á 15 minuter)
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish
Subtitles: None

Staffan is a little boy sitting at the dinner table. He is sternly told to remain seated until he has eaten his pancake. A small figure then appears from the pancake, which in the next moment transforms into an almost real landscape. The small figure, Vilse, leads us into the landscape and we get to know its inhabitants, among others Trashanken, sensible Old Man, the confused fire captain Holm and Big Potato.

Vilse i pannkakan is kind of a puppet show, both serious and imaginative. The expression is characterized by surrealism, something that is characteristic of Staffan Westerberg’s work. Westerberg himself is responsible for both the script and direction, and also plays the lead role. The children’s program is today a classic, but has not only been praised. It has also received criticism over the years, even being accused of ruining an entire generation’s childhood. Regardless of polarized opinions, Vilse i pancake is today almost declared a cult.

Together with the Bildmuseet, and on the occasion of their ongoing exhibition The TV Trampoline / From children’s television to contemporary art and literature, we are carrying out an exclusive screening of all 10 episodes.

10 episodes – Swedish with no subtitles!
Length per episode: 15 min
Drop in during the entire screening
Break 15.15 – 15.30

Foto: Hans Runesson / Scandia Photopress - numera Sydsvenskan PhotoDate:1975-??-??