Logotyp 2021 24 – 28 november
Kulturhuset Väven

Work In Progress x2

| 45 min | Sweden
Original title: Work In progress x2
Year: 2020
Duration: 45 min
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish
Subtitles: None

The author Stina Stoor got her breakthrough with the short story collection “Bli som folk” (2015). She seemed to come from nowhere and was immediately raised as the heir of the ancient Västerbotten narrative after greats like Sara Lidman and Torgny Lindgren. The cultural elite could not get enough of the story of this gifted person on disability pension from the interior of Västerbotten. She was interviewed in the media, won great prizes and had the honor of holding both Summer and Winter talk at Sveriges radio. Then it became quiet. Director Elin Berge bought Stinas book late, when the talk about her had already silenced. “Bli som Folk” touched her deeply.

The smelter plant Rönnskär in Skelleftehamn has created work and prosperity, but the smelter industry has also damaged the environment and claimed its victims. People there carry stories about arsenic, copper, gold and lead, and in the film they jointly create a portrait of “Skäret”. The Rönnskär chimney was completed in 1928 and was 145 meters high. At that time, a slogan was in vogue: “A chimney we call the pipe, that the smoke to Russia swipe”.

The screening is free of charge, but require a ticket. Tickets can be collected at the ticket office of Folkets Bio Umeå one hour before the screening.