27 NOV - 1 DEC 2024


Somewhere on the Internet there is a virtual island of 250 square kilometers where various mysterious characters fight for survival. The film’s French directors steps into the game by creating themselves as avatars, spending a total of 963 hours in this virtual world where, by interviewing and hanging out with the other players, they try to understand those who chose to spend so much of their time on the place. It’s a parallel universe where people can live out their strangest fantasies, some more limitless and perverted than others.

Knit’s Island does something unique as a documentary film and is not only an eye opener to people’s parallel lives on the Internet but also a visual gem. Some have compared the film’s imagery to Tarkosvky’s Stalker. If you yourself are completely unfamiliar with the realities of computer games, you will get a lot of food for thought from the film. Some spend whole days inside the game, others enter it on a few occasions to get a nature experience. Is there something that all these players in the place have in common or not?

– Mia Rogersdotter Gran

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