Logotyp 2022 29 nov – 4 dec
Kulturhuset Väven

We follow siblings Kyona and Adriel’s path towards a new home. They are lost, somewhere between different countries in a closed Europe. Who can be trusted or not can only be determined by gut feeling. Kyona has brought a drawing pad from home that she always carries with her. Art becomes a way to untangle herself from the fate she has been left with.

Director Florence Miailhe has made a film about her own grandmother’s escape from Odessa in Ukraine in 1905 and the violent battles that broke out in the city during the Russian Revolution. Although the film does not say exactly where the siblings are fleeing from, it is a detail that, with today’s war in Ukraine, makes the film extra interesting. Miailhe, who is a trained artist, has previously made several short films that have received fine awards and prizes. This is her first animated feature film and her imagery is distinctive as she animates oil paintings on glass. We move between dream and reality in the film and the way she takes us between the scenes through the paintings is in itself an experience.


– Mia Rogersdotter Gran 


2 December 2022

Darling wins Storspoven 2022

11 November 2022

Welcome to the ninth edition of the Umeå European Film Festival!

31 October 2022

Sneak release of 2 movie titles!

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