Logotyp 2022 29 nov – 4 dec
Kulturhuset Väven

Welcome to an entire evening with Doc Lounge Umeå at Fika! in the Web. In addition to documentary film, we offer live music with Brenda El Rayes. The event is free and no pre-registration is required, but it may be good to be in good time to get a seat.

The film A Symphony of Noise takes us on a journey with Matthew Herbert, the revolutionary British musician and composer. Matthew is known for his political works, where he combines music derived from real sounds with burning issues that he wants to highlight. But he also has self-distance and is gifted with a large dose of humor. A film that challenges the audience to listen to music, but also to the world, in a completely new way.

Brenda El Rayes is based in Stockholm and is a multitasker from the mountains of Lebanon. She creates sounds based on her feelings and experience, inspired by her Lebanese heritage. Everything has a sound language and Brenda tries to find hers which is deeply rooted in orthodox church Arabic music mixed with her western music impulses.


2 December 2022

Darling wins Storspoven 2022

11 November 2022

Welcome to the ninth edition of the Umeå European Film Festival!

31 October 2022

Sneak release of 2 movie titles!

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