After the Silence

Two sisters, an accident, a father who gives his life for justice. In collaboration with Umeå Teaterförening, we offer a cross-border Brazilian guest play – a performance where filmmaker Christiane Jatahy offers us a mix of theater and film, past and present, fiction and reality.

In northeastern Brazil, water is a luxury. Great inequality prevails in the hinterland where the farmers’ lands have long been taken from them by force. The area has a long colonial history, the port city of Salvador was for a long time the capital of all of Brazil. Here, the first encounters between Portuguese and indigenous people took place. On the coast, African slaves were brought ashore.

Based on Itamar Vierira Junior’s acclaimed and attention-grabbing novel Torto Arado (Crooked Plow), director Christiane Jatahy stages After the Silence. The novel depicts two sisters who, in their childhood, have an accident that will shape their entire lives. After the silence tells of their bond with the land they were born in and the relationship with the father, a farmer leader and activist who gave his life for justice.

Although only three actors and a musician are on stage, the audience is surrounded by voices, music and all the sounds of nature. Fiction meets reality in the villages of Remanso and Lúna. Past meets present. Christiane Jatahy is also a filmmaker and allows her various expressions to be woven together into a seamless overall experience. In autumn 2022, the Riksteatern guest-starred at the Orionteatern in Stockholm with her previous production, the internationally acclaimed O Agora Que Demora – A moment that lingers.

“… the filmmaker Jatahy makes something beautifully surprising out of the meeting of art forms, which becomes congenial with the work’s matter of borders and storytelling. She plays with the contrast between a film’s edited surface of past time and the theater’s ethereal ongoing now, through a seemingly simple but intricate cross-cutting between the film and the room.”
– DN: About O Agora Que Demora – A moment that lingers

The performance is a collaboration with Umeå Teaterförening – part of the Riksteatern.


Performance length
1 hour 45 minutes without a break

Regular: SEK 250
Stage pass: SEK 195
Student: SEK 230
Youth: SEK 125

With Gal Pereira, Juliana Franca, Caju Bezerra, Aduni Guedes
On film Residents of the villages of Remanso and Lúna, Chapada Dimantina

Artistic team
By Christiane Jatahy. Based on the book Torto arado by Itamar Vieira Junior published by LeYa
Director: Christiane Jatahy
Text processing: Gal Pereira, Juliana Franca, Lian Gaia and Tatiana Salem Levy
Set design/costume/lighting: Thomas Walgrave
Cinematographer: Caju Bezerra
Camera work: Pedro Faerstein
Video system: Julio Parente
Composer/Sound Designer: Vitor Araujo and Aduni Guedes

Riksteatern in collaboration with Cia Vertice de Teatro (Rio de Janeiro) and Axis productions