Sing along to the classic musical Hair!

When? 29th of november 19:00.



Let the sunshine in! This year it is 50 years since 1968. Let’s once again sing along to the outstanding musical of that time; Hair. The musical and the songs vibrate of sexual liberation, drugs and anti-war politics. As a musical, it premiered on Broadway in 1968 and the film was made in 1979 by Milos Forman, who fled from Czechoslovakia 1968, during the Soviet invasion.

Hair takes place in USA in the 60’s. Claude leaves his farm in Oklahoma and goes to New York to join the army. In the city he meets some hippies that he accompanies. Claude is introduced to LSD, class issues, anti-war politics and racism. He is forced to rethink many of his choices and values but he finds invincible friendship and love.

Every year during the film festival we have a Sing-along screening where the audience sings along with the songs in a classic musical. This year we will be singing to Milos Forman’s well-known classic Hair. In order to really get in the mood, a lead singer will warm up the audience before the movie starts.

It will be a fantastic evening! The sing-along is held on thursday 29th of November.