Three Sámi men travel to the capital of Norway. One of them is wearing a gákti, the Sami traditional costume, to attract Norwegian women. Indigenous Police is a Sámi short film told with humour and political sting.

Film director Egil Pedersen grew up in a small village far up north in Norway. He made his first films, Lego and clay animation, as an early teen with his father’s Super 8 film camera. He graduated from The Norwegian Film School in 2002.  Since he has been developing different unique ways of eye-catching storytelling using absurd humour, disturbing moods, visual effects, majestic images and is always on the lookout for the next twisted idea. 

7 May 2024

Screening of Soviet Barbara + conversation with Lusine Djanyan

2 April 2024

Submit your film to the 11th edition of UEFF

12 March 2024

Registration for the film festival opens April 2th

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