Logotyp 2022 29 nov – 4 dec
Kulturhuset Väven

Hasan and Emin live a good life on their plantations, but suddenly one day a group of people with measuring instruments stand on their land, as it is planned to run a large power line right through the fruit trees. Hasan chooses to enter into a long process of changing positions in the management. He is good at deals, but they may not always be so honorable. And it wouldn’t be a major problem if it wasn’t that he has to make the walk around the holy Kaaba in Mecca at the same time – a highlight for a Muslim. But to go through the hajj ritual you have to have a clear conscience and that creates some problems for Hasan.

Semih Kaplanoglu is one of Turkey’s top directors and he doesn’t disappoint us this time either. Commitment Hasan competed in Cannes 2021 and has been touring film festivals worldwide since then.

– Mia Rogersdotter Gran

2 December 2022

Darling wins Storspoven 2022

11 November 2022

Welcome to the ninth edition of the Umeå European Film Festival!

31 October 2022

Sneak release of 2 movie titles!

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