Tickets for this year’s sing along are on sale!

What would Umeå Film Festival be without Sing Along? During nine festivals, we have seen and sung along to some of the world’s most popular musical films. This year’s Sing Along will be the tenth in a row and we dare to promise an event with a golden edge!

Singin’ in the Rain transports us almost 100 years back in time to the year 1927 and offers a performance with several classic song and dance numbers. The musical takes place during the film industry’s transition from silent films to sound films, where Don Lockwood and the blonde diva Lina Lamont are the big silent film stars in the Hollywood sky.

One evening after a party, Don gets a ride in a car by Kathy Selden, she is not at all impressed with him and thinks that “if you’ve seen one movie, you’ve seen them all”. As the world’s most loved movie star, Don is not used to criticism and the meeting means that Don cant forget Kathy. When a competing film studio makes a success of the first sound film, Don and Lina are forced into uncharted waters: dialogue. It is with mixed results that the actors face this new challenge and as if that were not enough – a triangle drama between Don, Lina and Kathy creates intrigue that challenges the entire launch of their first sound film.

Singin’ in the Rain has been considered in various contexts as the best musical film ever and we are proud to present it as our tenth Sing Along during UEFF. The evening begins with a joint vocal warm-up where the joy of singing and relaxation are the focus.