Competing films – Storspoven 2021

Every year, Umeå European Film Festival awards the best film in the Northern Perspectives section, the Storspoven film scholarship (25 000 SEK). Through an open registration, the festival’s program group selects films that are nominated for the competition. The winner of the nominated films is then chosen by an external jury.

When? The films are screened friday 26 November 18:00.
Venue: Tystnad


This years’ nominated films are:






Previous winners:
2020: Själakon (Inga Kempe)
2019: Night (Ann Holmgren)
2018: Skolsyrran (Anna Brodin & Frida Sandberg)
2017: Hjärta Norsjö (Lisa Josephson & Sophia Josephson)
2016: Sickla (Oscar Byström)
2015: Mommy (Milad Alami)
2014: Paradise (Amanda Kernell)