Two films are presented

With one month left we present two films from this year’s festival! Italian director Luca Guadagninos new acclaimed film Call Me by Your Name, and Lithuanian director Eglė Vertelytės highly sympathetic film Miracle.


Call Me by Your Name

The year is 1983, in a sun-drenched corner of northern Italy. 17-year old Elio is a young Italian-American man spending summer in his parent’s vacation home. His days are spent reading, transcribing music, smoking cigarettes and flirting with girls living nearby. Soon Oliver shows up, a handsome American student who has come to live with the family during the summer. Now a new kind of yearning develops in Elio, and what follows is a life changing summer for both men. Italian director Luca Guadagnino (A Bigger Splash) has an impressive ability to make his characters’ emotions, lusts, confusions and complexities feel completely authentic. Call Me by Your Name is excellent filmmaking. And a reminder that there are possibly only few things that feel as much as the first love. WATCH TRAILER



Irena is the manager of a pig farm in Lithuania. It’s the beginning of the 90s and the country has just become independent after the fall of the Soviet Union. The transition from collective ownership forms to capitalist ones has been tough and the farm is on the verge of bankruptcy. Soon an American businessman (looking identical to Donald Trump!) appears and wants to buy the company with big promises of success and prosperity. Hope finds its way back to the farm and things do change, just not in the way everyone expected. Eglė Vertelytės tragicomic film Miracle is a well-timed and sympathetic story with aesthetics somewhere in the borderland between Roy Andersson and Aki Kaurismäki. WATCH TRAILER


This year’s edition of UEFF takes place 21–26 November 2017. The whole programme and tickets will be released the 31st of October. Read more about the programme release