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Om Skogen – screening with talk

Original title: Om skogen
Director: Peter Magnusson
Year: 2020
Duration: 1 h 35 min
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish
Subtitles: English

Screening 26/9 14:00, Theatre Tystnad, Folkets Bio Umeå.
Free admission, ticket release 26/8, tickets can be picked up at Folkets Bio Umeå’s ticket office.

Most people are aware that the Amazon rainforests are being devastated, but few know that almost all of Sweden’s natural forests have disappeared. About the forest is a post in the debate on Swedish forestry and highlights the difficulties and consequences of a hard deforestation with fast-growing forest plantations and a devastating short-sightedness. About the forest shows the vulnerability in the transition to a fossil-free society where we become increasingly dependent on the forest as a natural resource. At the same time, the film highlights the individual’s commitment and struggle for our last natural forests with its biological diversity and also tries to offer a gaze ahead on the way to a more sustainable forestry.

As previously planned, the screening will be followed by a conversation in Swedish focusing on how sustainable forestry could work. Lars Östlund, professor of forest ecology with a focus on forest history, Annelie Bränström-Öhman, professor of literary studies, involved in issues of forestry and former inland residents, and Helena Söderström, forest owner in Västerbotten with an interest in clear-cut forestry and sustainable agriculture, participate in the conversation. The conversation is led by Ola Nordebo, political editor-in-chief at Västerbottenskuriren.

The screening was supposed to have taken place during the Umeå European Film Festival and the Sune Jonsson Center for Documentary Photography Film Seminar in November 2020, but was canceled due to increased spread of infection and stricter restrictions. We are very happy to now be able to offer this program item in retrospect.