Logotyp 2022 29 nov – 4 dec
Kulturhuset Väven

An Afghan woman, Zahra, who moved with her husband to Sweden three and a half years ago, has separated to follow her dreams and find herself in the new life. She wants to create a new life in the new society, which she thinks is a long-awaited opportunity for her. Living alone feels good at first, but she is exposed to some problems that she is not prepared for.

She studies and works in home care at the same time. Six months after the separation, she finally dares to tell her mother about it (it’s a big shame in Afghanistan). The mother, who recently had heart surgery, gets angry and cuts off contact with her. Zahra struggles to find a way she can maintain both her freedom and her mother’s connection.

2 December 2022

Darling wins Storspoven 2022

11 November 2022

Welcome to the ninth edition of the Umeå European Film Festival!

31 October 2022

Sneak release of 2 movie titles!

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